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Service Center

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Service hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Thorough service with no lunch break.

Service Center’s Tel: (04) 2223-0921 (04) 2223-2311 ext. 5806

Service Center’s Fax: (04)2220-1037

Service Center’s Address: 403601 No. 91, Sec. 1, Ziyou Road, West District, Taichung City

E-mail address: Click Here


The following services are available; all are welcome to use them.
I. Accusation (or document) reception:
 A designated person responsible for collecting accusations and documents.


II. Bail refund:
1. Upon receipt of the refund notice, guarantor may claim the refund at the Center’s one-stop service counter at any time except on holidays, bringing along the notice, ID card, personal seal and the original receipt for the payment.
2. When the guarantor authorizes another person to claim the refund, the authorizer’s ID card, letter of authorization (a template provided by the Center free of charge), refund notice, original receipt for the payment, and the ID card and personal seal of the authorized person should be presented for the prosecutor’s verification. Where the amount of refund exceeds NT$100,000, the certificate of the guarantor’s seal impression should also be presented for the prosecutor’s verification. If the authorized person is the spouse or adult immediate relative of the guarantor, the household certificate may serve as an alternative to the certificate of seal impression.
3. The guarantor may request remittance of the refund by providing his/her bank account number.


III. Return of seized property:
After receiving the notice for return of seized property, the notice recipient should claim the object by presenting his/her ID card and the notice.


IV. Payment of per diem and traveling expenses for witness, expert witness and interpreter:
After giving their testimony in court, witnesses may claim the per diem and traveling expenses from the Center with the Application for Witness Per Diem and Traveling Expenses form issued by the prosecutor in court and the claim slip.


V. Collection of fine and related charges:
Payments of bail, fine, the fine in lieu of imprisonment may be made at the national treasury counter of the Center.


VI. Litigation advice and legal services:
1. One clerk is designated to offer litigation advice at the Service Center of the Office. Citizens having queries about the progress of a case, whether the case is closed or about remedy against the litigation result, may call or visit the Center in person to consult the clerk of litigation advice. Tel: (04)2223-0921.
2. Sample documents and application forms such as the Application for Crime Victim Compensation are available at the Service Center free of charge.

VII. Additional copy of the Certificate of Coroner’s Inquest:
Applicant (should be the inheritor) may submit an application for additional copies to the Center, together with the original copy of the Certificate of Coroner’s Inquest of which additional copies are requested, the applicant’s ID card, the original and photocopy of the supporting document for his/her relationship with the deceased. Additional copies will be issued immediately after the documents are verified and authenticated.


VIII. Other enquiries:
Other enquiries may also be brought to the clerk of litigation advice at the Center. People with mobility problems may call (04)22232311 ext. 5806 for assistance; a designated person will be at your service.


IX. All services of the Center are free of charge. Please do not pay any fee at anyone’s request to avoid being deceived.


X. Emergency hotlines:

Anti-Fraud Hotline  165
Police Hotline  110
Women Protection Hotline  113
Coast Guard Hotline  118
Fire and Ambulance Hotline  119
Quitting Drug Abuse Hotline  0800770885
Election Bribery Reporting Hotline  0800024099
National Rescue Command Center Hotline  0800077795
Employment Service and Unemployment Assistance Hotline  0800777888

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