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Investigation and Measures by Taichung District Prosecutors Office of the Accident Case Associated with the Construction Work Near Taichung MRT

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  • Last updated:2023-05-24
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  At noon today (10th), at Feng-le Park Station, Nantun District, Taichung City, an iron arm of a tower crane of the adjacent construction site fell on the Taichung MRT carriage, resulting in the death of a passenger woman surnamed Lin (born in 1971) on the spot, and injury of other 8 passengers. Upon receipt of the case report, Taichung District Prosecutors Office (“the Office”) immediately assigned Prosecutor Zong-Ming Hu of the Major Crimes Unit to conduct an on-scene accident inspection. The Office also commanded the Fourth Precinct of Taichung City Government Police Department to carry out a comprehensive investigation and evidence collection in consultation with the personnel designated for the accident case by the relevant bureaus and offices of Taichung City Government, and the Central Region Occupational Safety and Health Center of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Ministry of Labor.

  At the same time, the prosecutor of the Office together with the forensic pathologist has completed the medicolegal examination for the body at Taichung City Mortuary Services Office. It is preliminarily determined that the leading cause of death is the traumatic and central nervous shock because of the multiple traumas to the deceased’s head and limbs caused by the accident. The prosecutor of the Office will conduct a thorough investigation of the relating evidence with regard to the accident, including MRT driving safety mechanism. Meanwhile, the prosecutor requests the aforementioned personnel designated for the accident case by the said occupational safety and health authorities to complete and provide the industrial safety investigation reports as soon as possible, so as to clarify the criminal responsibility of the related persons.

  In addition, the Office immediately notified Association for Victims Support Taichung Branch to start a care mechanism, hoping to comfort the victim's family by offering them necessary assistance and warmth.

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