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Foreign In-Home Caregiver under detention for hustling 80 million NTD

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  • Last updated:2020-08-05
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    A task force led by Taiwan Taichung District Prosecutors Office, together with the Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau (MJIB) Taichung City Field Office and the Ministry of the Interior (MOI) National Police Agency (NPA) Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) Fourth Investigation Corp, aimed at Filipino migrant worker Nelsa involving in cross-border fraud and underground banking. After a raid conducted on August 4th, 2020, Prosecutors applied to Taiwan Taichung District Court to detain Nelsa, and was accepted earlier this afternoon.

    The investigation found that starting from February 2019, a fraud scheme led by Nelsa, a Filipino migrant worker in Taiwan, had been actively pitching an investment plan through Facebook and Messenger that promises higher-than-usual exchange rate to their fellow Filipino migrant workers in Taiwan. Six major downline members residing in Taipei, Taoyuan, Taichung, and Chiayi are responsible for the promotion of the underground banking business. Many Filipino workers fell for its false promise of high yield prospect. Initially, the remittances are made as agreed upon, in due time the victims will no longer be able to receive any payment or to contact the downline. More than 1 hundred of migrant workers become victim to the scheme, some of which are employed in renowned technology companies, posing serious threat to their property rights and career prospect in Taiwan.

    Earlier this year, upon receiving several complaints and reports from investment fraud victims at Manilla Economic and Cultural Office Taichung and Taipei Branches and MJIB Taichung City Field Office, the District Prosecutors Office immediately assigned Prosecutor Ho Changhan (何昌翰) to convene a task force consisting members of MJIB Taichung City Field Office and CIB Fourth Investigation Corp to conduct intensive investigations. Searches have been made separately from May through July at the residence of six downline members. Subsequently on August 4th, search warrant granted by Taichung District Court was successfully executed and crime-related evidence was seized at Nelsa’s premises. After interrogation, prosecutors deemed it necessary to detain Nelsa, the prime suspect of the case, based on apprehensions of both her absconding and destruction of evidence. A preliminary estimate of more than 1 hundred Filipino migrant workers in Taiwan are victims in this case, and the illegal proceeds of approximately 80 million NTD are currently being tracked by the task force.

In consideration to the fact that all victims in this case are Filipino migrant workers with barriers in both language and legal cognition, Taichung District Prosecutors Office is aware of the potential arduous process of interpretation and elaboration necessary to clarify the case, and will continue to invest efforts in solidifying the migrant workers’ rights and interests and maintaining financial stability. In addition, the District Prosecutors Office must call on all the migrant workers in Taiwan to conduct legal foreign exchange and investments, be absolutely cautious for investment programs that guarantee profits or high yields. Always cast doubts on sales pitches that are too good to be true. For any question, one is also welcomed to seek assistance from the representative office in Taiwan. Investors who have been victimized by fraud related crimes are strongly encouraged to contact the District Prosecutors Office or the judicial police agencies as soon as possible for protection of property rights.

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